About Me

Hi, i'm iiFlamiinBlaze also known as BlazeTheDev and I'm a developer.

I code mostly in PHP but i do branch out occasionally to other languages and always eager to learn new ones.

I also own a Minecraft Pocket Edition server named MagmaPrison.

I contribute to many projects on github and private projects as well.

I do commissions, so contact me on my discord server if you want me to do a commission for you.

Helpful Info

My Server IP: | Port: 19132
My GitHub: iiFlamiinBlaze
I have a page for some of my private plugins, look at them here
My Discord: iiFlamiinBlaze#0001 (Contact me through my server, not friends)
My Twitter: iiFlamiinBlaze
Languages I Know: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, and PHP.
Languages I'm Learning: Java, Python, C Languages.
Places I Work For: CLADevs, EruptusPE and RecycleBinPM.


CSS - 95%

HTML - 90%

PHP - 85%

JavaScript - 70%

JQuery - 30%

Java - 15%